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Short - Sci-Fi/Thriller

When a mysterious monolith appears in Red Rock, Utah, a broke UFO chaser facing eviction commits to one last road trip in hopes of finding his presumably abducted father.


Short - Comedy

After getting dumped by his girlfriend, a crafty, inventive mouse develops a cheese themed cryptocurrency and gains the approval of the great Elon Mousk, and with it, a trip to a moon made of cheese.


Short - Sci-Fi

900 years after an exodus from Earth, a rebellious high school student on the ocean moon of Europa convinces her newfound friends to break out of detention for an underwater joy ride.


Short - Sci-Fi/Comedy

After an intense encounter with a UFO, an unaccomplished stoner questions his sanity as he fails to convince his college roommates that there are aliens living among them. With plenty of munchies in hand, he embarks on an overnight quest to uncover the mystery.


TV Spec - Fantasy

The Sorcerer's Snare - A Witcher Spec

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